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Handmade By Bonita

Grown n Sexy Chill Pill Bath Bomb - Lavender & Chamomile

Grown n Sexy Chill Pill Bath Bomb - Lavender & Chamomile

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Indulge in ultimate luxury with our Lavender and Chamomile scented bath bombs, crafted for the sophisticated and elegant.  Packed full of premium ingredients, these bath bombs are specially designed to elevate your bathing rituals to a whole new level.  Immerse yourself in a cloud of serene lavender and soothing chamomile scents that will transport you to a state of deep relaxation and tranquility.

These bath bombs are meticulously formulated to be long-lasting, ensuring an extended and sumptuous soaking experience.  Enriched with nourishing oils and skin-loving ingredients, these bath bombs will leave your skin feeling silky smooth, moisturized and rejuvenated.  Let the stress of the day melt away as you unwind in a lavish bath filled with the calming aroma of lavender and chamomile, creating a spa-like sanctuary in the comfort of your own home.  Treat yourself to a luxurious escape and embrace your Grown n Sexy!

Listing is for one bath bomb

Weight:  Approximately 7.5 ounces


Ingredients:  Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Sea Salt, Cocoa Butter, Fragrance/Essential Oil Blend, Rice Bran Oil, Kaolin Clay, SLSA, Polysorbate 80, Powdered Coconut Milk, Colorants

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